Enjoy these delicious suggestions!

Oysters 'Fines de Claire' n°2 (6 ex.) : 16.5 EUR
Oysters 'Fines de Claire' n°2 (10 ex.) : 25.9 EUR
Escargots in garlic butter & garden herbs : 10.5 EUR
Vitello Tonato : 15.5 EUR
Mussels croquettes and apple-celery compote : 14 EUR
Crispy baked veal sweetbread (heart) / forest mushrooms / parsnip / mustard sauce : 21 EUR
Baked scallops with soy sprouts, Cucumber and ginger : 16.5 EUR
Oysters “Fines de Claire” n°2 : 16.5 EUR

Main course
CPlaice piqued with St.-Jacobs scallops, spinach, truffle sauce and puree : 27.5 EUR
Gratinated fish Strew with Duchesse potatoes : 24.5 EUR
Stew of pork cheeks prepared with Orval beer, savoy, mini-shitake and almond croquettes : 24.5 EUR

Panna cota with passion fruit : 7.5 EUR
Tart with ricotta and pear : 7.5 EUR


"The goat cheese salad was fantastic!"

"Served swiftly and super friendly staff."

"The food was very nice and we were rapidly served."